• What is Player Alert?
    Player alert is where you can set "Greater Than" or "Less Than" limits and get alerted if that player's price goes over or under that value.
  • What card types and players, can I choose from?
    You can choose any card type or player as long as they are tradable items.


  • What is Market Alert?
    Market alert is where you can set "Greater Than" or "Less Than" limits for a certain market by card type and rating (or any). You get alerted when the price reaches those prices.
  • Can I see the cheapest and most expensive players per market and rating?
    Yes, you can follow the green links on the market alert page to display those players.

Ones to Watch / PTG ALERT

  • What is OTW / PTG Alert?
    You can watch OTW / PTG players by switching them on & off from these screens and get alerted for their real life achievements (especially goals and assists) during relevant matches(Leagues, Internationals and National Cups).
  • Is there a limitation for watching these players?
    As a Platinum Member, you have no limitations and can watch any number of players from both screens.
  • Do I get relevant match alerts for those players?
    Yes you will get certain match events and results as an alert during those matches. You can toggle that option on & off from your profile screen.

Subscription plans

  • Can I enjoy FUT ALERT for FREE of charge?
    Yes you can, but you will have certain limitations for number of alerts and you won't be able to watch OTW / PTG players.
  • How does the subscription plans work?
    Your account is charged by iTunes Store / PlayStore monthly and taken out of your account automatically. Your subscription will not expire until you cancel through iTunes & PlayStore and your subscription period ends.
  • I've used to be a subscriber, but now I am a FREE member. Why can't I see my old alert setups?
    If your account is downgraded due to a cancellation or a subscription downgrade, your older alert setups might be lost during this process. This is due to FUT Alert limitations per Subscription plan.